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Planet Technopolitana Past:
Presents fiction about the dark side of science.

Planet Technopolitana Future:
Presents Ideas for seeing how we can prevent science and new discoveries becoming destructive.

What She Did First Technopolitana fiction project...

Turn off the main Westport to Louisburgh road at the sign to Craggam. Go 1.1 miles. You see wood both sides of the road. The gateway to the lodge is over a cattle grid on the right, two big gateposts. 
             Those were Spy's directions in his email.
             I was there, at least to the gateposts and the cattle grid. No lodge. This was County Mayo, I should say, central part of the west of Ireland, a mile or two from the Atlantic coast. It was 9.15, Wednesday October 5, 2016. 
             Spy was Arne or 'Spy' Nielsen, American-born, lived on the move, where the story was, now forty nine, reported from war zones. He had been in Bosnia, Uganda, Columbia, Afghanistan, Iraq for five or six years, Syria. Fiji, Mongolia. He was a loner, never had a long term partner as far as I knew.
             A translator for him had been kidnapped when they recorded illegal logging for palm oil in a certain country. Spy had be told to get out or get killed.
             From the cattle grid a rough driveway ran across a meadow, a huge oak, cattle grazing. To the right was a river, peaty and flowing over boulders with big still pools, the kind of river that housed salmon before the wild stock was nearly made extinct by over-fishing and pollution.
              Was the 'lodge' the substantial white house at the end of this tree lined drive?   ..... continue reading
Opening section of What She Did First
or    Synopsis of Technopolitana fiction

Planet Technopolitana is us. The planet spins on, the dominant species, the sapiens or wise species, progressing, populating, flying, driving, consuming, living longer, economies growing   ... Polluting? Surely not. And science? What does science have to do with all this?

Above: the author (center) filming the then almost extinct Peregrine Falcons for BBC TV Horizon, 1966, Something for our Children -- pollution, pesticides & predatory farming practices.

Planet Technopolitana is the project of contrarian & science film maker,
J Frank Gladstone.

Some Thoughts of Francis Bacon & the 400 year old idea of conquering the world
by Man -- yes!

In praise of green/In
praise of ancient trees &
what they tell us.

Left --Back view + grandson -- so it goes.
See contact & some of my background, films and writing.
Left: Pic Aneto 2015/
Below: Pines that might have seen the white man coming, Point Reyes, California, 2008.

Some notes on Clayton Rutland who is central to the Technopolitana fiction project -- American columnist, sage, one time member of the Technocracy movement and disciple of Thoreau & John Muir.


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