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The Storytellers & their own tangled tale -- In the mist -- the Californian tailor & fashion model, Francine Olnay & the (shorter) war & environmental reporter Spy Nielsen on the beach in County Mayo, October 2016

Technopolitana Fiction Project -- Trilogy

Book One, completed: Penicillium -Three excepts

Book Two, near completed: For Whom the Nobel Tolls: Excepts

Book Three, proposed:  Loving My Nukes -- some notes


 The Technopolitana Trilogy is about individuals trying to find justice in a hostile scientific environment, The first two books concentrate on distinct phases in the epic development of the drug penicillin. The third, Loving My Nukes, is about the propaganda campaign to persuade people nuclear weapons were safe to fight among -- even if not safe to have dropped on you.

The first book, Penicillium, takes place in London, Oxford University & Washington DC between the Munich conference (Sept 1938) and the month after the US is drawn into what becomes known as World War II (January 1942). The second, For Whom the Nobel Tolls takes place between the time successful penicillin development in World War II is at its low ebb, this January 1942 and the Nobel Prize of October 1946 where the deep irony of this allied success is that the British win the prize and the Americans take most of the money. Swirling Anglo-American tensions and differences provide much of the theme of these two books.

 The central characters are the Cambridge university educated biochemist and feminist, Nathalie Armstrong (who has to change her name to Sonia Olnay in the third projected book when she is on the run from both the FBI and British Secret Service), code name MOORHEN; next.... Bill Rutland journalist, environmentalist and skeptic about progress & .... thirdly  Jacob -- Jake -- Ungar, an army doctor who tries to break rank to push truths, about the battlefield potential of penicillin and about the acute lack of battlefield potential of high doses of nuclear bomb radiation. No one knows this story. No one knows this woman. She is forgotten and hidden, her role subverted. She is fiction and she is a homage to the many women of this period in science and in espionage who were forgotten and hidden by the men they stimulated and worked among.

The third book, Loving My Nukes, takes place in the post war era, a time when the USA had the highest incidence of environmental cancer in the world against the lowest investment into its sources and cure. In the race to gain nuclear superiority between USA and Nato and USSR, there is a sub-race for the US army to get into the nuclear business which has become mainly the provenance of the US air force and navy. The key struggle in the book is the (hopelessly failed) attempt by an insider (Ungar the army medic) and outsiders (Moorhen and Rutland) to show that a 'nuclear battlefield' is not a safe place for US army troops to fight. The first two books are about the tangled fights around something that ought to shout its potential -- penicillin. The third is about the suppression of negative evidence about something that causes great harm -- nuclear bomb fallout.

Contemporary Setting: In October 2016, the California based mother, fashion model and tailor for women, Francine Olnay, discovers that her grandmother had a stolen identity. This is Nathalie/ Sonia/Moorhen (see above). The source of the information is a war zone reporter and writer, Arne 'Spy' Nielsen. Their engagements with each other and conflicts provide a lens through which the three discovered stories are told.

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