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The Storytellers & their own  tale -- In the mist -- the  tailor for women & fashion model, Francine Olnay & the --shorter of the two --
war  reporter Arne 'Spy' Nielsen.
On the beach in County Mayo, Ireland,  October 2016

Technopolitana Fiction Project -- Trilogy

A Scientist Goes Underground...



The Technopolitana Trilogy is about individuals trying to find justice in a hostile scientific environment, The first two books concentrate on distinct phases of the controversial development of the drug penicillin. They are entitled: Penicillium & For Whom the Nobel Tolls.
The central character is the ambitious and troubled Nathalie Armstrong (who, on the run, changes her name to Sonia Olnay.)  Half a century later, it is her grand daughter, Francine Olnay, who finds out about her existence and that papers relating to her are in Ireland.
These two books are set between 1938 and 1945. They are largely completed and, while one follows the other, stand alone. Excerpts below.

The third, Safety in Nukes, is about a U.S. government propaganda campaign to persuade people nuclear weapons were safe to fight among -- even if not safe to have dropped on you. This takes place in the 1948-1955 arms race period.

 Content:  As the underground of politics and international relations is the ground on which spy novels jostle, so the underground side of scientific 'progress' is the ground where these stories play out . The
Technopolitana theme addresses the positive, bright side of scientific progress and its negative, dark side.


Penicillium - link to>> opening 28 pp of Penicillium. Francine Olnay meets Spy Nielsen whose only motive in contacting her may, or may not be, to show her grandmother's true story. This in 2016. Back to 1938 and the recruiting of Nathalie Armstrong.

Penicillin documents relating to Anglo-American conflicts and patent disputes were only declassified as secret from by the US government in the 1990s -- some aspects of this quarrel are thought to remain secret.

Penicillium is the Latin name for a large family of moulds. The discovery that one of these had anti-bacterial properties changed medicine &, to a degree, civilization. The early days were not easy and it was years before penicillin could be taken by mouth as opposed to painful injection.

The discovery took place in 1928 and the life-saving drug was still so scarce in 1945 that countries without it and the USA & UK developed small and lucrative criminal black markets.

Jacques Fath wartime design available as a dressmaking pattern. Nathalie Armstrong, as a woman -- rare for the period -- able to assert herself with men, favored French looking clothes that had a formal, pseudo uniform look about them.

 Read: For Whom the Nobel Tolls: Opening Section -- second book of the Planet Technopolitana trilogy

  Nathalie is incarcerated in West Virginia for the second time, manages to escape and changes her identity -- the end as the beginning leading to the arrival of Francine in Ireland for the second time.

  Was her grandmother (who was British) actually a seminal figure in the manipulation of huge (American)  federal funds directed at penicillin? How did she come to be jailed? And what will her grand daughter, Francine's, story be with the angry and war-stressed Spy Nielsen?


Read from Penicillium Nathalie's discovery of Roosevelt setting up the Office of Scientific Research and Development behind Churchill's back.... O.S.R.D.

Bushnell General Hospital -- 3000 bed US army hospital for the worst wound and psychiatric cases from the war in the Pacific. Penicillin was first tested here on otherwise dying men in the summer of 1943.

Link to

This is the title and opening section of the Technopolitana Trilogy volume 1 -- PENICILLIUM. Itintroduces the fashion model, Franicine Olnay, and her the recruitment of her grandmother to the role of underground sceinist.  
  This is the opening section of the Technopolitana Trilogy volume 2 -- FOR WHOM THE NOBEL TOLLS. It introduces Nathalie Armstrong being incarcerated in the United States for the second time. It sets the end, or near end of this novel as its starts. It also reintroduces Francine Olnay hergrand daughter.

Technopolitana Non-Fiction
Contact -- Bill Rutland, fiction, fable, truth & the Technopolitana concept.


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