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Environmental negativism, that is a sense of doom, can only be countered by some philosophical idea by which we can reverse a sense of retreat into one of advance.
This website is written by James Francis Gladstone in the hope that it can evolve into a forum for ideas related to environmental ethics.

A major problem for those concerned with the planet's degradation--
is how to
get individuals to see as serious a problem (like global warming)
that is hard to touch.
while many scientists do not believe in God,
science has become our God.
Our God, regardless of our religion, is progress. She, progress, rules us.
We are caught up in her. We cannot avoid her.

As in the Christian medieval world it was impossible to think without
heaven & hell -- heaven being the ideal,
PLANET TECHNOPOLITANA suggests that science -- new ideas as the
underpinning of progress -- is our God.
Environmental disasters give some imagery for a hell. Even the worst are local & transient.
Even the great tsunamis, flooding of New Orleans, forest fires of 2018,
come and then go in the imagination and memory of all but those closest to them.
They are
not strong enough images to stop us burning increasing amounts of fossil fuel
when swathes of people who say we should not do this continue to  abet the process.

Is it possible -- or helpful -- to find new imagery (as hell in Christianity) for the downside of science?
A footnote: The Planet Technopolitana idea is not anti-science. (See link in the sidebar.)

PLANET TECHNOPOLITANA has no pulpit, is no gospel.
It is designed as an intellectual mechanism for discussion.
Could it help as a way of looking at these problems?
We clearly need to solve the problems.
Does looking much harder than we have done at  the dark side of science help?

Can we stop trucking? Is a different handling of the fragile world really imaginable?

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Big Numbers & the idea of being shocked.

 A Planet Technopolitana
Miscellany, pictures & quotes.


Drive, baby, drive.....  Or, walk and talk...

So it goes. Grasp the nettle which is the need for environmental ethics.


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