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Technopolitana -- What Trees Can Tell Us.

In praise of trees & all that lives, dies in winter and is reborn on them.

Above --Ancient Spanish chestnut in North Wales in winter, 2018;  Right --cotton woods by a spring in arid northwestern Nevada, 2015.

When the 400 year oak below was a seeding around 1600, Francis Bacon proposed man's (yes) conquest of the world through science & there was about one person for every twelve today. Think the earth is crowded?

Bacon's New Atlantis is little read today. It is a fiction about an ideal community where scientific discovery is recorded and makes the basis for invention which makes the basis for human comfort & prosperity. It is possibly the most vivid hymn to science ever written.

In the view of the author of Technopolitana, New Atlantis is an equivalent to the Ten Commandments for modern society.

Think of trees -- here on the Pacific coast in California. Think that most of planet's land surface was tree covered, that the destruction of the rain forest today is a continuation of the destruction of Irish or Louisianan or Afghan forests for cattle production (mainly) long before. If we need meat protein, the meat protein needs grassland to grow. Cows don't eat pine trees or rain forest hardwoods Generally not. 


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