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Tech-no-pol-itana an invented word for a mythical planet -- a place in the imagination, to lie awake, to dream dreams of harmony & try to keep nightmares of disharmony away

Planet Technopolitana is the project of the contrarian & science film maker, J Frank, or Francis, Gladstone.

NOTE!! This is a draft copy of work in progress/ to those invited to look, please send criticisms large & small and thank you for looking.

Planet Technopolitana is designed as a way of looking at the only home we have, Planet Earth.

The idea is not anti-progress. It is an attempt to create an ethical framework through which to see the earth -- to see large and small progress as benefit and/or damage.

On the light side of the planet, human progress, growth & development lead to benign solutions -- human happiness and harmony with nature.

 On the dark side of the planet, such human progress, growth & development lead to problems -- overcrowding and deterioration of nature.


There are many environmental blogs & websites. This one is new, and it is personal and it is designed to test whether our relationship to our bruised and wonderful world can be helped by a stronger ethical framework.  Please contact me with comments -- also whether you would like emails about updates.

Planet Technopolitana is, for example, a hymn to ancient trees and a warning about the culture of cattle that graze under them.

We humans have only so much space.

Gate Open or Gate Closed?

We humans have also only so much opportunity to prevent catastrophic species depletion.

That said.... Planet Technopolitana seeks a culture of environmental optimism -- an attempt to get beyond no hope gloom.

Is Pollution the Modern Original Sin?

Adam saw Eve & Eve saw Adam....What is more beautiful than a jet airplane?
To fly the sky -- surely a miracle.

And the pollution quotient? Ours, surely? Each time. Brutally hard to stop, brutally hard to solve.
Travel is the apple of temptation?


In Praise of Human Artefact & Bridges that Span.
Is human harmony with nature possible? Or, put differently, how do we organize land? .... &
is seeking such harmony both a moral and an economic issue? -- economics, after all, is nothing if not a moral imperative to improve.
At what cost?

Fiction : Tales of Technopolitana, the first of which is entitled
Her  Penicillin Crimes




J.Frank (Francis) Gladstone -- born before security checks and banks could think only in terms of first intitials (mine is for James). More of Planet Technopolitana:
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